Goddess of Horror
Vital Statistics
Gender Female


  • Nyx (Mother: supposedly)
Status Immortal
Eye Color Black voids
Hair Color Any Color
Height Any Height
Affiliation Olympians (supposedly)
Weapons None
Species Goddess
Home Unknown
Greek/Roman form None
Appearances None
Actor None
Quests None

Phrike is the Greek goddess of Horror, her name meaning "tremour, shivering".


Phrike has a mysterious appearance, and a frightening one. As the goddess of horror her appearance is both breathtaking and terrifying to anyone who looks at her. She wears a silk dress which looks like human skin that's rotting.

Phrike has no Roman form, as horror is universal

Archers of Apollo Trilogy

God of the Eclipse

Phrike has remained far from fading, having multiple shrines around the world, the primary one being located in the city of Leto.


Phrike has a calm and caring nature, an ironic personality for the goddess of horror. She has been described as "that one ugly kid in class who just wanted to be everyone elses friend".


  • The standard powers of a goddess
  • Phobikinesis: She can create trembling fear inside others. She is more power than either Phobos or Deimos
  • Necromancy: Phrike can bring certain dead things back to life