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Whether you are a Greek demigod, an Olympian who got mad at one of our fanfictions (we are not responsible for any untimely deaths due to offending a god, mind you), a satyr surfing the Internet, or simply a mortal who have come to write fanon, we welcome you. And we do hope you will contribute in our humble, 700-pages Wiki family.

Camp Half-Blood Fanon is a fanon site that anyone can edit. May the gods be with you.

Camp Half-Blood Fanon

Badly wishing that Percy's girlfriend did not end up being Annabeth? Or dreaming about Luke having an eviler, more capable long-lost twin? This is the place for all your Camp Half-Blood fanon. There are no limits to the stories and characters you could create! Here, you can finally write about Percy's death, a son of Aphrodite who hates his cabin, a day in the life of an Olympian, how Calypso REALLY ended up in Ogygia, or whatever you like. And because this is a fanon wiki, you can create pages about your characters so your readers will know them even better. (FanFiction.net, take that.)

It is absolutely fun to let your imagination go wild while still worshipping - uh, thanking - Rick Riordan and his awesome stories.

So what are you waiting for? The Hidden Oracle? (It's already out! Go get it!) Go have fun with your fanon! May the gods be with you. :D

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