Amelia Oakfield is the demigod daughter of Hephaestus. She loves sword fighting, rock climbing, and designing weapons and armor.


Amelia is very quick-witted and funny; she is also gentle and kind. She has a fierce spirit and is extremely skilled and courageous in battle. She is always truthful and humble and sometimes shy. She is very imaginative and creative and loves to spend her free time writing.


Amelia has dark brown- almost black- wavy hair that reaches her waist. She has a pale complexion and dark, grayish-green eyes. She is tall and slender, with a broad, squarish frame like all of the Hephaestus children. Like many, Amelia is dyslexic- her body is made for battle. She has very skilled hands, allowing her to draw and design buildings like a master forger. She is fourteen years old.


Dyslexia- Like most demigods, Amelia's body is made for battle. She can read and write perfectly fine in Greek, but in English, her only trouble is the words seem to lift themselves off of the page and float in midair.

Demigod Abilities

Amelia is skilled at creating new weapons and creating figurines out of clay. She also has a strong connection with fire, although she cannot "carry" it in her hands.


Amelia has two half brothers and one demigod brother, although he died on a quest. She is the only daughter in her family and the second child of four to be sired by Hephaestus.


Amelia "lives" in Room 6 in the Hephaestus Cabin (see Hephaestus's Cabin 2.0)


I got the character of Amelia Oakfield from I couldn't have added more to Amelia and made her my own without their help. Thanks you guys!