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Alexander "Alex" Garcia
Biographical information
Full Name Alexander Garcia
Alias Son of Poseidon
Legacy of Mars
Age 19
Birthday October 20
Died N/A
Physical description
Species Demigod
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Skin Color Russet
Eye Color Blue (left)
Green (right)
Hair Color Jet Black
Family information
Family Poseidon (Father)
Elaine (Mother)
Mars (Divine Grandfather)
Poseidon Cabin members (Paternal half-siblings)
Friends & Enemies
Friends & Allies Seraphinus Rashid (Girlfriend)
Jessica Angela (Girlfriend)
Enemies {{{Enemies}}}
Natural & Special Abilities
Natural Abilities Enhanced Physical Abilities,
Special Abilities {{{Special Abilities}}}
Weaponry Various
Loyalty Camp Half-Blood
Quests {{{Quests}}}
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Alexander "Alex" Garcia is a Greek Demigod son of Poseidon and a legacy of Mars. He is also currently in a polygamous relationship with Seraphinus Rashid a daughter of Aphrodite, and Jessica Angela, a daughter of Zeus.



A lean young man of tall height that causes him to stand taller than many people he interacts with and of Mediterranean descent, raven black hair and complete heterochromia eyes with the left blue and the right sea-green like his parents with a voice described as "strong and confident with a subtle accent", Alexander is thought to be very handsome and has gained the attention of many girls though he himself tends not to notice this fact. His hair style is often kept short though it typically appears tousled as "if he had just got out of bed" and is typically the source of annoyance for his mother. His fitness level is considered to be "impressive" as a result of his training as a child with a athletically muscular build, broad shoulders and well-built arms. After his training at Camp Half-Blood, his body has become more toned as a result as noted by ****. Following his battle with ****, Alexander has gained a cross--shaped scar on the lower part of his abdomen from where he was impaled by ****. 



Physical Abilities

As a demigod, Alexander is stronger, faster, more durable and agile than a normal mortal which allows him to perform feats and survive situations they cannot. However, he is physically more powerful than most other demigods due to not only being a child of the Big Three but also a legacy of Mars

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Agility:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Senses: While underwater, Alexander is able to see as clearly as day even in the deepest part.

Demigod Abilities

As a child of Poseidon

As a demigod son of Poseidon, Alexander is an immensely powerful being and has proven multiple times to undoubtedly be one of the most powerful demigods. He is much more stronger than many demigods of other gods and goddesses with the only ones capable of rivaling him are other children of the Big Three.

  • Water Empowerment: Like all demigod children of Poseidon, Alexander gains an level of superhuman clarity, strength, speed, agility, and endurance when in contact with or in the presence of water. This enhancement usually lasts only for a limited amount of time though it is possible for it to last indefinitely so long as he is completely submerged in water
  • Hydrokinesis: As a son of Poseidon, Alexander is able control and manipulate great volumes of water in all it's forms. He is even able to create it himself though this requires him to concentrate and is strenuous on his body to the point that he doesn't do it often, choosing to use his control over water on already existing sources around or nearby him instead which he noted as being "much more practical and efficient."
    • Tsunami and Tidal Waves: He can summon and create waves comparable to that of a tsunami, capable of sinking large ships with relative ease.
    • Water Propulsion: Alexander can control the water around him to propel himself through it at incredible speeds strong enough to create a "sonic boom" effect.
    • Underwater breathing: Alexander can naturally breathe underwater as easily as he can breathe air.
    • Water Immunity: Alexander is unaffected by any amount of water pressure such as when he fell from the sky into water and went deep into the ocean without any injury. He does not get wet if submerged in water, unless he wants to and can dry items underwater as long as he holds onto it.
    • Water Solidification: Alexander is able to harden water into an almost solid shape by increasing it's surface tension which allows him to perform various feats such as letting him and others walk on water,
    • which allows him
    • and solidify water which enables him to walk on it by increasing it's surface tension and create various constructs such as extremely durable barriers and shields
  • Watercraft Manipulation: Alexander possesses an intimate awareness of any ship he is on and is able to telekinetically operate one as well as anything related to the ocean.
    • Water Bearings: He also has perfect bearings on the ocean and is able to easily navigate his way at sea
  • Aquatic Lordship/Communication: As a son of Poseidon, Alexander has divine control and authority over his fathers domain such as horses and all manner of aquatic creatures including sea monsters which enables him to summon them to his side. He is also able to understand and even communicate with them who typically treat him with deference and lordly respect.
  • Atmokinesis (limited): As his Poseidon is known as "The Stormbringer", Alexander has a certain level of control over the weather as he is able to summon hurricanes, typhoons and other sea-related storms.
    • Electrokinesis (limited): Alexander has a limited control over lightning that is restricted to that produced by the hurricanes and storms he creates 
    • Aerokinesis (limited): Alexander can summon strong winds, which he can use to create storms such as hurricanes and typhoons
  • Geokinesis (limited): As Poseidon is the God of Earthquakes and the Earthshaker, Alexander is able to generate earthquakes. During his middle school years, he accidentally caused a minor earthquake after he was angered. He was even capable of creating a earthquake strong enough that it caused a volcano to erupt though this was during a state of anger
  • Cryokinesis (limited): As a child of Poseidon, Alexander is able to control and manipulate ice to a certain extent though he is unable to create it himself, being only able to affect already existing sources
  • Heat Resistance: Due to his father's oceanic nature, Alexander has a near immunity to flames and extreme heat similar to that of a Cyclops. However, he isn't completely unharmed by such as he suffered burns throughout his body during his fight with
  • Powerful Roar (limited): When feeling intense emotions such as anger or grief, Alexander is able to instinctively let out shout/yell.
  • Vitakinesis (limited): When in contact with water, he can heal most wounds and cure himself of most poisons. He is also capable of extending this healing to other people though he must be in contact with the water.
  • Toxikinesis (limited): Due to poison being partially composed of water, Alexander is able to control and manipulate it to a certain extent.

As a Legacy of Mars

As a legacy of Mars, Alexander has several abilities associated with the Roman God

  • Telumkinesis (limited): Being a legacy of Mars, Alexander is an expert in all weapon usage with his preferred weapon to wield being a sword. However, he lacks any degree of magical control over weapons.
    • Weapon Conjuration: As a legacy of Mars, Alexander is able to change any object around him into any weapon and/or tool.
  • Thermokinesis (limited): When feeling emotions such as anger, Alexander's body sometimes gives off a aura of heat
  • Necromancy (limited): As a legacy of Mars, Alexander has a limited control over the dead as he can summon skeletons and spirits of deceased soldiers who have lost in any war. However, he wasn't able to use this naturally and required the help of Xander

General Abilities

  • ADHD: Like most demigods, Alexander possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he uses to analyze the fighting style of his opponent.
  • Multilingualism: Along with Greek, Alexander is also able to speak and understand several other languages such as
  • Dreams:
  • Empathy Link: Similar to Percy and Grover, Alexander shares a empathy link with Seraphinus and Jessica though this was through the intervention of Aphrodite.
  • Intimidation:
  • Indomitable Willpower: One major characteristic of Alexander is his indomitable will; in situations where the odds of survival and/or escape would seem insurmountable, he always pushes forward and never gives up. With that said one of the few things that will break Alexander's will even for a moment will be losing those close to him
  • Quick Learner: Alexander is a rather quick learner as he quick to adapt to an opponents fighting style in a short amount of time





Friends and Companions

Romantic Interests

Seraphinus Rashid

Jessica Angela




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